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   Welcome to the career academy and concentration page. Featured below are articles from recent field trips and class projects. If you are a prospective parent or student and still have questions, then please contact us using the form in the contact section.

Reflecting on My First Year in Criminal Justice

Our first year in the Criminal Justice program at UCTech was one packed with interactive experiences. From house raids to car stops to the the history of policing, there was no shortage of information. We even acted as attorneys in a mock trial! This program allows each of us to experience every aspect of the criminal justice system. A typical lesson began with a powerpoint presentation of the current topic. Last year, some of the topics we covered included; “Eras of Policing”, “Community Policing”, “High Risk Motor Vehicle Stops”, “Police, Courts and....

Meeting a Surgeon and More at the Liberty Science Center

This past November, the Exercise Physiology junior class went on a field trip to the Liberty Science Center. Personally, I found the interactive day away from school very interesting and informative. The purpose for our field trip was to attend “Meet the Surgeon: Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.” The surgeon who presented is named Dr. Samara Friedman. We were able to watch three guided vi....

Learning a Valuable Lesson during a Law and Justice Field Trip

Back in October, the freshman and sophmores in the Academy of Law and Justice (ALJ) took a field trip to the county courthouse and jail. We took a bus all the way to Elizabeth and went to an actual court trial with judges, jurors, and attorneys. It was one of my first experiences seeing what judges and lawyers do firsthand. Most of us have only seen it on television or in movies, so visiting a rea....

Mock Congress

On Friday, January 12, the freshmen and sophomores of the new Law and Justice program had the privilege of watching the AP Government class’s Mock Congress. I did not know what to expect, but during the proceeding time went by quickly. Prior to the Mock Congress, we had just completed our lesson on the government system and the inner workings of the executive, legislative, and judicial bran....

Disability Labs

In the work industry and the school environment alike, it is important to be respectful of those with disabilities. During junior year, the Exercise Physiology students take a course entitled “Introduction to Physical Therapy.” Throughout the last few classes, we conducted a few labs to get a glimpse into the lives of the disabled and to determine how disability friendly our school is.....

Exercise Physiology

About this academy

In the Exercise Physiology and Related Sciences Program, we interactively learn lessons about the anatomy, physiology, and responses to movement. Not only will we leave this program with a personal trainer certification through the American College of Sports Medicine, but also with an appreciation and understanding of nutrition, fitness, and the healthcare field. Our program also has an agreement with Rutgers which allows us to take many introduction healthcare classes.

Criminal Justice

About this academy

In the Academy for Law and Justice we combine interactive learning, like mock trials, with classes about government and psychology. We've been on trips to jails, to the police academy, and more in order to experience all the different possible fields in legal and criminal justice fields.


About this academy

The School of Design has given us the opportunity utilize and learn about the latest hardware and software to create innovative products. We learn about a wide variety of subjects including 3D Animation and video production. Our senior year we attend Kean University and begin our college careers as sophomores.


About this academy

The School of Sustainable Sciences puts into practice project and problem-based learning, solving real world problems with sustainable solutions. Students, who spend their senior year at Kean University, take a series of math and science related courses that provide a foundation for them to pursue degrees and careers in sustainability. Students explore careers in sustainable design, energy, and technology. Curriculum topics include the economics of sustainability and applications of sustainable science in the 21st Century.


About this academy

The Teacher Education Academy has given us future educators the opportunity to learn about and immerse ourselves into the possible fields involving education, including school psychology and special education. We learn about the responsibilities that come with being an educator and the importance of communication. Our senior year takes place at Kean University, a school nationally-recognized for its education program.

Clinical Care

About this academy

The Academy for Clinical Care Sciences has given us many experiences direct patient care field. With our program’s agreement with Rutgers, we take introduction medical classes including anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, dynamics of healthcare, and nutrition.

Culinary Arts

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In Culinary Arts, many of us are interested in becoming a professional chef or food preparer. The program teaches us many different variety preparation techniques in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. We are also taught about presentation, portion control, and safety precautions. The education we receive gives us a great foundation to the enticing world that is culinary arts.