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Learning Real-Life Skills for College and Beyond

We know what you may be thinking, "Aren't vocational schools meant as an alternative for college?" However, all students at our school are encouraged to attend college and our six career academies provide college credit through universitites that are offered both remotely and on-site.

We are diverse.
We are intelligent.
We are unique.


Each of us was given a Chromebook in order to create an interactive learning environment. These aid us in our organization and in our ability to communicate with both students and teachers. There are also many media centers, and each classroom has a projector where games such as Kahoot can be played.

Always Someone There

During co-curricular we are able to receive extra help from teachers, meet with our guidance counselors, or meet with other students. Everyone is very approachable and understanding. This positive and familial environment encourages us to strive in everything we do.

Block Scheduling

Each day we have four classes in double-blocks, so there is a more individualized class environment and topics can be covered more in-depth.


We are given the opportunity to participate in many different clubs like Relay for Life, Green Team, Student Government, Future Health Professionals of America, and even this initiative, Teching the World by Storm.

Career Academies and Concentrations

Here you can find out about all the different "majors" at our school

Disability Labs

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Talking about Criminal Justice

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Tech Today

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Finishing First Marking Period Strong!

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Editor in Chief's Note

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We love our school and are proud to say that we have students from all of the towns in Union County!