Question 1

Q: Do students at UCTECH graduate with any college credits or certifications based off of their vocation?

A: Depending on our vocation or concentration, we are given various opportunities to receive credits, whether through AP courses or actual college courses.

Here's a link for info on all of our academies: Academies PDF

Question 2

Q: What academies/concentrations are available at UCTECH?


A) There are six academies available in UCTECH: Academy for Law and Justice, Exercise Physiology and Related Sciences (ExPRS) Program, Academy for Clinical Care Sciences, School of Design, School of Sustainable Sciences, and Teacher Education Academy.

B) There are also four concentration available to students at UCTECH, comprised of the following; Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Green Construction Technology.

Question 3

Q: What happens to the students that attend Kean their senior year?

A: The School of Design, School of Sustainable Science, and the Teacher Education Academy students have the opportunity to attend Kean University their senior year where they are able to earn college credits. At Kean students will take a full freshman college course load, the credits they earn will appear of an official transcript from Kean University.

Question 4

Q: What clubs are available to UCTECH students?

A: There are many clubs of campus in which we can get involved! In the beginning of the year there is a club fair in which all the clubs on campus participate. Most of the clubs are open to all students except those that apply directly to other schools. One of the most popular clubs on campus is Relay For Life. UCTECH students can get involved in clubs such as: Student Government, Student Council. SkillsUSA, FBLA ( Future Business Leaders of America), Math League, Yearbook, GSA, Multi- Cultural Club. Music Club, National Honor Society. The majority of club meetings occur during co-curricular which gives us the opportunity to participate in many clubs.

Question 5

Q: What makes UCTECH different from the other schools?

A: We are very diverse and all students have a passion for learning. We strive for academic excellence. We have different academies and concentrations instead of one overarching umbrella. Here we are able to take classes in a field that interest us and get us started on our path towards a career in the field. This and many other things are what make UCTECH different from other schools.

Question 6

Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: Our classes run on an alternating A/B day schedule. Each day we take four 83 minute classes. We also have an hour long period for co-curricular and lunch. This ultimately prepares us for longer college classes and gives us more individualized learning. All classes are also taught at an honors level and meet all of the state’s standards.

Question 7

Q: Are there sport teams of campus?

A: While UCTech does not offer competitive sports, intramurals are offered twice a year. Also, we can to participate in athletic programs in our towns.

Question 8

Q: What are the graduation requirements?


A) 4 years of: English, Science, Mathematics, Career Education, and Health, Safety & Physical Education.

B) 3 years of: Social Sciences: World Language

C) 1 year: Visual, Performing, and/or Practical Arts

D) ½ year- Financial Literacy

E) 40 hours of community service

Question 9

Q: If a student is struggling what can they do to get help?

A: Our wonderful teachers typically have one period during co-curricular available to all of us to receive help during our free time. We can also request a peer tutor through the National Honor Society.

Question 10

Q: What is the homework load?

A: Since we run on an A/B schedule, homework is due every other day, so it is manageable. If I have a soccer game one night, then I have the ability to plan when I will do my homework ahead of time.

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